Remember my why.

I had a strong Why. That's what kept me working even after the emotion of enthusiasm had long past. 


I started drawing mostly in the coffee shop. I would write for ten minutes a day.  Just a simple daily routine.

I knew that I could have given up after being con by a famous publisher and allow that to crush me or use the pain as fuel to get to something much better. It wasn't easy but my desire for a brighter future .  And my mother support that was My Why.

Your Why is what keeps you up late at night working while everyone else is sleeping "Those sacrifices" produce my heart's pride and joy Brooklyn Astronaut Jamuel's Journey To The Moon. 

• The book is about inspiring young children all over the world to believe in their dreams.  


  • Creating a movement for the younger generation to pursue their greatness. 
  • Easy to read and big bright and colorful illustrations. 
  • Supports kids with an interest in science. 

And now you can own it today for Only $20.00


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Celebrity Reviews 

Great Book for Kids to Start their Dreams

Brooklyn Astronaut is a wonderful book for children. It teaches them that anything is possible and to dream big. The world needs more books like this to inspire young minds to reach their greatness. I would recommend this book to parents, teachers or anyone who wants to mentor a child. It is a gem! Linder Hollander- Featured In Entrepreneur, Inc, & Forbes Magazine, 1# Corporate Sponsorship Coach In The USA    

Celebrity Review Video 

Laura Vandervoort from Movie Ted & Super Girl From The Smallville Hit TV Show Series. 

Brooklyn Astronaut Featured In Celebrity Gospel Icon Singer Hezekiah Walker Book Event: Reading Genius Book Festival 

Jermain Smith was a featured children’s book author at Love Fellowship Tabernacle's Youth Sunday School's 2018 Reading Genius Book Festival in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in April.

The day included readings from children book authors, signings, games, workshops, vendors, and so much more. Amidst all the vendors, games, and book authors, Jermain Smith, emerged on the scene, proving to us all that it’s never been a better time to be a black, young,  self-published author.

Brooklyn Astronaut is not only an educational read, but it’s filled with diverse characters. The story centers on an eight year old boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut. This book is great for youth who aspire to have a career in science or is afraid to take their dreams to another level.

-La Verne Berry Coordinator Of The Reading Genius Book Festival.

"Mr. Jermain Smith inspired children and adults alike to dream Big, when he attended The Reading Genius Book Festival, Sponsored by my Church's Youth Empowerment  Ministry. His book, the Brooklyn Astronaut is full of possibilities, that would encourage any child to reach for the Stars!"

Sis.Imani Welch, E.A.
Youth Empowerment of Love Fellowship Tabernacle - The Kingdom Church
"Development for Early Discipleship"

Brooklyn Astronaut Featured In ALA 2018 Annual Conference 

Librarian Reviews

This was such a cute children's story about a young African American boy who wished to become an astronaut when he got older! In the book, we saw Jamuel travel to outer space and meet some new unique friends, as well as enjoyed an outing with his friends on Earth.

I loved the diversity Jermain Smith used in his characters - from the single working mother who co-parents with her child's father, to even Jamuel's dad who works as a janitor in the museum.

I just wished Smith, showed one of the African American characters having a job like the Asian kids father, Sanzo who works as a computer programmer. I also loved the unique/cultural names he used.

Thanks to Smith, small children will learn that it's okay to have friends from all sorts of backgrounds and they will also be able to see other children with unique names if they themselves have one.

Another thing I loved about this book, was the educational end when Jamuel and his friends all went to the museum. They recounted the interesting facts they learned as the book ended.

Bejaka C.- Librarian Net Gallery


A young African American boy goes to the science museum where he learns what it takes to make his dreams of becoming an astronaut a reality.

Jeimy G. - Librarian Net Gallery 

Brooklyn Astronaut is a storybook that makes the perfect gift for children between 5-12 years. The main character is Jamuel, an 8-year old African American boy who loves to dream about adventures and games with friends, in outer space, aliens, and the moon.

He lives with his parents and has a set of diverse friends who comes from different parts of the world. Jamuel's mom takes him on a trip to a science museum where his dad works.

On their way, they pick up Jamuel's friends and the museum tour turns out to be fun and educational. They learn how the earth revolves around the sun, why there are different temperatures on the moon.

An inspiring story with neat illustrations, it teaches kids to dream big and to have a rich imagination. The book also shows good family values that Jamuel's parents practice.

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