1#Lesson I Learned While Fighting For My Life Everyday. 


Yes this is a true story. I was assaulted by  a group of gang members who we're robbing me. One held me in a nelson chokehold. The others patted my pockets down and the other hit me over the head with a gun in which I lost consciousness. All of a sudden my life went from opportunity to:


  • My health was in critical condition. 


  • I was disable and stressed because I wasn't able to work a traditional 9-5 job to support myself & family.  


  • I made less then 10k a year and my Income was underneath the poverty line. 

I Remember Meeting A New York Times Best Selling Author   During My Process Of Creating My First Book


I had my Hope's up I was thinking to myself wow this is my big break!! 


I got no support from my relatives. My own father told me just because he is successful don't mean you"ll be


The business deal went sour after this famous guy cons me. 


Feeling lost and crushed, so many would have given up at that point but I decided I had to finish what I started. 


It Took Me 14 months with a TBI  To Complete My First Independent Publish Book. Though that process I discovered something pretty amazing. 


At first I didn't realize it, I was just in the zone of taking consistent action.     Towards an excepted goal outcome. But overtime I discovered what I would even call a Secret.


For the most part I was suffering with a trauma brain injury but I didn't allow my circumstances to predict my future. The greatest lesson I learned was always ….


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